Vegan Female Athletes Interviews Jody Calitz

VFA: Why did you Decide to become a Vegan:

JC: Health, ethical & ecological reasons. It makes no sense how my body can function at it’s best when I am feeding it dead flesh and negative energy…..But what really gets to me is the abuse involved in the meat and animal product industry, it blows my mind that it is “acceptable” ?!?!?! I also want to contribute to the global warming epidemic and by going vegan, I reduce my carbon footprint on this earth…..NO MATTER HOW SMALL, YOUR EFFORTS CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

VFA: When did you become Interested in Fitness:

JC: When I was 14 years old, I got introduced to it and have never looked back!

VFA: What advice would you give to beginners who are Interested in Veganism & Fitness:
JC: Start slow and small. Like with anything, change can be hard, especially when it comes to social pressure. Take it one day at a time and make small changes, like committing to meat free Mondays, change 1 product in your beauty regimen that is vegan and cruelty free, commit to 10min a day of walking then slowly build up your fitness….it really doesn’t have to be all at once and you are more likely to succeed when you make the transition gradual and steady.

VFA: How does your vegan lifestyle & fitness habits look away from Home. How difficult is it for you when you Travel to other cities, States, or Countries:
JC: I have never had a problem with it! I find most (not all) but most places are equipped or willing to accommodate vegans. And with regards to the fitness part I believe in body weight training and all I need is a 2×2 meter space to do a FULL body workout… if you have your trainers with you and the weather is good, you take your workout to the street!
I think most of all is to prepare and do your research. I just avoid places that don’t accommodate vegans.

VFA: What are one of your Accomplishments so far since you started Vegainism & Fitness:

JC: Placing 6th as a PRO WBFF BIKINI Athlete in the world! It was my dream to get a pro card and go to the world stage…..and when I placed well into the top 10 (as the only vegan) it was such a feeling of  “yes, anything is possible”!

VFA: Was it easy/difficult for you to become vegan:
JC: Not difficult at all because I had an emotional attachment to why I was changing. I have a deep passion for animals and this earth and that motivates and drives me  more than one can imagine!

VFA: Are any of your Friends/Family Vegan or thinking of becoming Vegan:
JC: My sister is ovo-vegetarian. She has a farm had produces her own eggs which she knows and has control over what they are fed, keeping them actually free-ranged and happy and having a peaceful relationship with her animals that she doesn’t just take from them but gives back.
My cousin is also vegetarian and inspired me at a young age to start thinking about the reasons behind it, but many of my friends and family are omnivors. In the end we all have a choice. I have however inspired them to go green on Mondays and to be more conscious and aware of what and how food gets to their plate.

VFA: How does you’re weekly meal plan look when you’re Competing ? & does it change or stay the same when your taking time off from training:

JC: My meal plans are structured but not crazy. I have learned to listen to my body. The main difference when it comes to on-season and off-season is cutting out alcohol (I do enjoy sparkling wine over weekends ;), no more dark chocolate (another favourite over weekends), watching those little extras like sauces and hidden sugars and just keeping things much tighter and cleaner for example I do enjoy wraps and rye pasta which I wouldn’t have if I was prepping for a show.
I also have to watch quantities and although I NEVER go under 1800cal a day when preparing for a show it is important that one watches how much and spread it over the day to compliment when you are working out and when you are recovering.
 For me it’s simple, keep it as natural and as fresh as possible! A Cookies & Cream flavoured protein bar is going to cause more harm than good, go for an apple and raw almonds…’s that simple and a lot cheaper!

VFA: What is your Favorite Dish to Prepare:

JC: My Vegan pizza, OMG it is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

VFA: What are the Holidays like when your cooking? Give us a few of you’re Chef Recipes:

JC: Our Xmas holidays are in Summer so that means LOADS of fresh salads and gorgeous fruits.
I enjoy smoothies e.g. my Caribbean Maca butter Smoothie(blend 1 babana, 1/2 cup coconut milk, 1 tbsp macadamia butter, 1 tsp maca powder, sprinkle of cinnamon and loads of ice!) which I have at any time of the day, depending when I feel like one.
OR my Asian style Zucchini & Carrot Twirly Pasta Salad ( for the recipe)

VFA: How Often do you hear where do you get you’re Protein & what is you’re reaction:

JC: daily……(yawn 😉 ;)….my reply is standard……”I eat loads of vegetables, like an elephant, rhino, gorilla, bison, hippos…….basically the same as some of the most powerful animals on the planet”

VFA: Have you thought about raising you’re kids Vegan or Vegetarian:
JC: Yes, without a doubt! They will always have a choice in the end because I believe in free will, but they will definitely know and understand what they are putting into their bodies and how it got there.

VFA: How did you Hear/Learn bout Vegan Female Athletes? Has it changed, helped, or Inspired you in anyway:

JC: They had reached out to me via social media….aaaah, the power of social media and spreading a positive message xxx

VFA: Name any Vegan Athlete Male/Female you wish to Meet, Train with, & get to know on a Personal/Business level & why:

JC: Hands down Dominick Thompson …..I want to meet, train, chat and get to know on all levels he is SO INSPIRING! 

VFA: Have you thought about becoming A Raw Vegan or are you Happy being Vegan:

JC: I have but I would find the social limits too challenging especially in my country. And in all honesty I don’t want to give up roasted sweet potato wedges or cashew nut stir-fries 😉 😉

VFA: With so much Obesity in the World Today as a Vegan How would you help change it:

JC: Keep doing what I am doing, spreading positive message, SHOWING people it is possible and continuously sharing my recipes, fitness tips and philosophy to inspire others.

VFA: What does the Future hold for Jody Calitz:

JC: Relaunching my brand in 2017 (very exciting), launching a eco friendly organic cruelty free bikini line with my sister as well as continuously spreading positive message and hope in the world through being an example of how to live happy, healthy and hot!

VFA: Thank you for your time. Do you wish to do a 2nd Interview in the future:
JC: Yes of course xxx Thank you for reaching out and helping to spread the message of such beautiful people!

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