Jana Talavaskova 2nd Interview

Jana Talavaskova
Jana Talavaskova



Name: Jana Talavaskova

Favorite workout: Upper body – back and arms

Age: 32

Favorite Motivation Quote: 

Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.“ Christian D. Larson
VFA: So it’s been awhile since I last Interviewed you. What have you Accomplished since we last spoke.

JT: To be very honest, my life over the past 1.5 years hasn’t been focused on accomplishments but mainly finding myself again. Due to an unexpected loss of my most beloved Bailey, it had been a huge emotional roller coaster and at this point I am finally feeling that my mental strength is coming back. I tried to be strong but it really devastated me despite all the external support and motivation I was seeking. But I’m not ashamed of it, we’re humans. It all just made me realize what’s really important in life and I‘ve re-evaluated my priorities once again.


VFA: What is the biggest obstacle or roadblock you have encountered so far? 

JT: I’d refer to the already mentioned life event however I can proudly say I have never stopped training. On contrary, weight training helped me overcome the emotional pain and running kept me sane during the most difficult moments. Although I realized as never before that your physical state greatly depends on your mental state, and vice versa.


VFA: Have you Inspired anyone? Has anyone chose to become Vegan since you’re Last Interview with us?

JT: I’m glad that mostly my family and close friends try to make smarter choices and sometimes come to me for advice especially when it comes to nutrition. Also, for the past 9 years I’ve been volunteering and helping Piestany Animal Shelter to run their facebook page and do their PR, so I often include vegan topics to educate people and give them a chance to learn more and maybe change their mind.


VFA: What is you’re Favorite Vegan Protein to take? Vega, Sun Warrior, Garden of life, Plant Fusion, Clean BCAA, or a Product not listed:

JT: I like hemp and pumpkin seed protein powder from sun&seed and also mix rice and pea protein from one supplier in Slovakia.


VFA: What are the main advantages of a well-planned vegan Life Style? 

JT: I’d say it’s an overall light feeling of your body; you can feel how effectively it’s working, your previous health issues just dissappear and your skin glows. And last but not least it’s that compassion and love, knowing you stopped being part of world that exploits animals in the most cruel ways, a terrible holocaust we as humans wanted to stop for ourselves, but refuse to do so for other creatures just because they can’t express their pain in words.


VFA: Which books would you recommend to read if they wish to become a Vegan Athlete? 

JT: Thrive: The Vegan Nutrition Guide to Optimal Performance in Sports and Life by Brendan Brazier and Hugh Jackman


VFA: You’re Top 10 songs you play when you workout! If more than 10 list them all!

JT: I actually prefer quiet when exercising. I either go to nature with my dog and enjoy the silence, birds and wind, or I work out at home and concentrate on proper execution of movements. I feel like music disturbs me, but I like listen to it on other occassions, for example when driving or getting ready in the morning.


VFA: Which body part is your least Favorite to train: 

JT: Least favorite: Abs

VFA: I Learned a lot bout you the Last time we spoke. Is there anything new we should learn about you? 

JT: As I already mentioned, I have re-evaluated my priorities and kept working on becoming a better, nicer person. I think there’s never enough good we could do for others, but I do emphasize – taking care of yourself when it comes to nutrition + exercise + little bit of time for yourself every day is super important.


VFA: Has any non-Vegan Inspired you to push yourself to the Limit of Training: 

JT: Ashley Horner inspires me a lot when it comes to her life and training attitude. She’s one strong woman – a mother of 3, a crazy training machine and a smart entrepreneur. I used to train her Rig for Pain program and hated every minute of it, and yet I kept doing it and saw amazing results very soon.


VFA: I just wanted to personally thank you for you’re time. Keep up with you’re lifestyle & journey Namaste.

JT: Thank you again for your interest in me and my passion for animals and fitness. We all can be healthy and strong and humane at the same time. It’s time for compassionate bodybuilding i.e. the veganbuilding. It’s all possible. And it’s all just up to us.
Thank you!😊
Jana Talavaskova

~ Vegan Female Athletes ~



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