Vegan Female Athletes Interviews Kay Taylor


VFA: Why did you Decide to become a Vegan:

KT: I was never a big fan of meat but when I moved to Canada in 2011 life was hard and money was extremely tight and I wasn’t able to afford the free range organic meat I liked to eat. I decided to eliminate meat, and then over the process of a year began to eliminate all animal products while doing my research to replace the protein and other nutrients with plant based alternatives. I also watched fork over knives and realised I was making the right decision for me and my future health.

VFA: When did you become Interested in Fitness:

KT: I have been into fitness my whole life since my mom sent me to dance at the age of three, but Ballet is a very tough sport and my body never really fitted the ideal shape as I have curves and a ballerina doesn’t. After years and years of trying to make it I finally had to realise that it wasn’t meant to be and then in my early twenty’s discovered fitness classes which were high intense cardio so that gave me a buzz and I went on to get qualified. I then discovered weight training and as a vegan was determined to show that Vegans can have muscles to.

VFA: What advice would you give to beginners who are Interested in Veganism & Fitness:

KT: Research, research, research

VFA: How does your vegan lifestyle & fitness habits look away from Home. How difficult is it for you when you Travel to other cities, States, or Countries:

KT:  I do a lot of my own cooking using my recipes; I can take these with me. You can get fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds worldwide so I don’t really have any problems ￿

VFA: What are one of your Accomplishments so far since you started Veganism & Fitness:

KT: Building lean muscle, increased strength and stamina and obtaining my raw vegan nutritional course

VFA: Was it easy/difficult for you to become vegan:

KT: It was very easy for me.

VFA: Are any of your Friends/Family Vegan or thinking of becoming Vegan:

KT: A few of interested but realise it is a lifestyle change and you have to do a lot of your own cooking which I think puts them off. But I am always available if they do decide.

VFA: How does you’re weekly meal plan look when you’re Competing? & does it change or stay the same when you’re taking time off from training:

KT: Meal plan changes very much when competing as carbs and fat are reduced so much compared to off season when it is much more relaxed.

VFA: What is your Favorite Dish to Prepare:

KT:  Falafels, sweet potato fries and vegetables

VFA: What are the Holidays like when your cooking? Give us a few of you’re Chef Recipes:

KT:  Vegan is a way of life now so what I eat doesn’t really change that much unless I want to try new recipes.

Banana bread

Sweet potato pakoras


VFA: How Often do you hear where do you get you’re Protein & what is you’re reaction:

KT: All the time

I used to spend a lot of time explaining but now I just say from known animal sources 😉

VFA: Have you thought about raising you’re kids Vegan or Vegetarian:

KT: Yes I have given this a lot of thought and I would raise my children vegan but always educate them as to why so they can understand why I choose to be a vegan, I know as they get older the decision is theirs but I believe if I educate them correctly they will continue to be vegan throughout their life.

VFA: How did you Hear/Learn bout Vegan Female Athletes? Has it changed, helped, or Inspired you in anyway. & What do you like most bout the Page since You started to follow it.


KT: I love this page it’s great to see so many fit female athletes and listen to their stories and advice.

VFA: Name any Vegan Athlete Male/Female you wish to Meet, Train with, & get to know on a Personal/Business level & why:

KT: Morgan Mitchell a sprinter

Robert Cheeke a true ambassador for vegans

VFA: Have you thought about becoming A Raw Vegan or are you Happy being Vegan:

KT: I have given it a lot of thought and I am fully qualified as a raw food nutritionist, at this moment in time it isn’t for me.

VFA: With so much Obesity in the World Today as a Vegan How would you help change it:

KT: I believe it’s about educating people and making them more aware of what they are eating and the health impacts it has on you’re their life. As a vegan we do a lot of food prepping and cooking rather then eating fast food.

I would love to do talks and training sessions on training people in the future.

VFA: What does the Future hold for Kay Taylor

KT: I want to write a book on being a vegan in a fitness world that is dominated by meat protein

Vegan seminars

Vegan fitness training camps both for adults and children

A vegan fitness model so I can be a vegan role model for women who think that weigh training makes you big and you can’t gain muscle without meat.

VFA: Thank you for your time. Do you wish to do a 2nd Interview in the future:

KT: I am truly honoured to have been featured and will always be available for a second interview.

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